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3D image - 3D Google Earth

I suppose You know Google Earth - great satellite 3D maps and 3D buildings.

If You want to make real 3D image (anaglyph) of some interesting place from Google Earth, here is simple guide how to make it.


  1. Make two shots of your place (for left and right eye)
    • Find interesting scenery
    • Select Image -> Save
    • Save as 3D-image-L.bmp
    • Shift the scene with the right arrow (click twice slightly)
    • Save as 3D-image-R.bmp

  2. Make 3D image - anaglyph
    • Install and run freeware software - Anaglyph Maker
    • Open 3D-image-L.bmp (Load Left Image)
    • Open 3D-image-R.bmp (Load Right Image)
    • Make Color Anaglyph
    • Save as 3D-image-anaglyph.jpg

  3. Look on your image with red-cyan glasses and enjoy real 3D effect!

3D image anaglyph - Rome - Colosseum - thumbnail

Note: For better quality use higher resolution and png format.

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